Landscape at the model sites went through a fast development at the last century. After a long mining and artificial lowering of groundwater, surface mining, filling by the spoil,the remaining hole is being filled by a lake.It created an environment whose structure is significantly changing in time, thereby the conditions for subsequent use are changing. Responsible decision making requires the most complex information based on a multidisciplinary approach.

The project aimed, during three years, to create a tool for creating a database of all available data associated with the formation of the landscape and its use (especially hydrological, hydrogeological and geotechnical data) intelligently linked in the user environment to the fullest possible control of interactions between views according to different interests. e.g., in terms of possible future building it will be the decisive criterion the stability of slopes, bearing capacity of foundation soil and the future settlement. In terms of recreational use it will be considered more the quality and quantity of water. The final product enablse a variety of views without suppressing seemingly minor criteria. The user gets an idea about the real possibilities and limits of future use in full context so that it can serve as a tool of prevention of damage due to excessively ambitious goals. Such cases are known. An important goal was possibility of generalization of the approach to other locations.

Multicriteria analysis results (Geotechnics) of two areas: Milada/Chabařovice, Most.

The system is achievable through webpage .